Liam Neeson Kill Map

Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 07:52:16

Clearly Liam is one badass guy!!!! Love the kill map just for the way it presents information that you find yourself asking for during a movie. In my case (re)watching “Taken” and thinking, whats the body count in this?? Star Wars 1 surprised me though…. I wonder who holds the cinematic record?! Anyway, its nicely designed and more as an infographic, but still feel it could be improved.

The Ultimate keyring

Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 16:53:12

Call me sad, but I’ve been on a minor mission searching for the “ultimate” keyring. The humble keyring has served its purpose but - sorry - it’s not longer fit for use. I can’t tell you how many finger nails I’ve broken trying to get keys off, using screwdrivers to prise them open and don’t get me started about “oversize” keys!! And the number of pockets that I’ve put holes in….

So the alternative?? Well I wondered if there was steel cable (2-3mm) with a lock that would allow you to easily slide keys on and off. I did manage to find some short 1mm cable with a screw lock, but the cable has a tendency to kink and the screw lock come undone. It is better than a keyring but I still wondered if someone had gone better…. and I’ve finally found the Flex-o-loc. Yes, 2.5mm aircraft-grade steel cable with an ingenious ball-and-socket locking mechanism. See this review at the gadgeteer. Buy your’s on Amazon for only 3 and, if you want a leather pouch to cover the keys then head on over to Campbell Cole for a luxurious fob.

International Map Year 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 11:21:50

Well the International Map Year has passed me by up until this point… that said it formally kicks off at the ICA in Rio de Janeiro in August 2015 and runs through until December 2016. As the website says: “International Map Year (IMY) is a worldwide celebration of maps and their unique role in our world. It’s organized by the International Cartographic Assocation (ICA) and supported by the United Nations (UN).”

So things are just starting to get going - there’s a helpful news item in the ICA newsletter. Interestingly no UK organising committee…yet!

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