FAT32 Redux

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 09:49:02

My earlier blog on exFAT reminded me that, as a general principle, Android devices can’t access that filesystem (although there are some devices that have OEM support for it and some third party add-ons). That’s why microSD cards are formatted to FAT32 - Android, Windows and Mac can all access them. Of course, we then hit the 32Gb limit which is of course why all devices are listed as having this as the maximum external storage. But this is a FAT32 limit, not one imposed by the hardware. The simple solution is to use fat32format which gives a much higher limit. In fact, to quote from the page:

“Note that the 32GB limit is a limit of the formatter in Windows XP. FAT32 itselft should be OK to 2TB.”

hard to believe that the format command is the root of so much misinformation. Anyway, buy yourself a cheap microSD (12!) and voila you have 64Gb of external storage. Something that Apple charges a premium for if you have it is internal storage.

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