Pixel Shift Marvel

Monday, July 20, 2015 at 09:05:14

The newly released Pentax K3 II is a top end APS-C DSLR in a similar vein to the Canon 70D and Nikon D7200, with a BIG however….. Ricoh have introduced in-camera image stabilisation (like other manufacturers notably Olympus) which allows several degrees of movement on the sensor. As a result of this they have added what they call “Pixel Shift Resolution” mode. With the camera immobilised on a tripod and imaging a stationary subject, the sensor is moved by one pixel in each direction producing four images that are then merged back in to one pixel-shift image. Given that the sensor has a Bayer filter, the one pixel shift allows full colour information to be recorded for each and every pixel so removing the need for demosaicing (the the interpolation of RGB pixel values). It gives the benefit of no bayer filter yet with full colour (so detail should be similar to the Leica Monochrom). It also has the benefit of reducing noise as well.

So… you’re not going to use this on a UAV for capturing aerial imagery (which you could do with the Monochrom) but it could be very interesting for terrestrial capture of static objects.

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