Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 21:04:12

Well the devs must have been reading my earlier post on the (very good!) because they’ve fixed my two biggest gripes!!! Yes, you can now specify the SD card to download and store your maps to meaning that the 100s Mb don’t eat up valuable storage on your device and you can now opt out on returning usage statistics.

The user interface has been simplified (although this has moved some options two presses away), but the maps remain as good as ever and regularly updated. This was driven home when on a bike ride to Normandy recently - the group lead had a road touring map which covered most country roads but was not detailed enough for city use. just came up trumps although I had forgotten to take my handlebar mount so kept having to pull the phone out of my pocket. Makes me think that a 7” tablet in a bar mounted map case would be a great addition!!

Can’t get enough of a good thing.

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