KAPping in Delft

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 15:21:08

I’ve just spent a couple of days delivering an introduction to KAP for MSc students at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft. More specifically it was a series of lectures, fieldwork and practical around this topic area, but starting more generally introducing aerial photography, providing some definitions, history and a broad-brush starter. This led in to photointerpretation and stereoscopy, a topic seemingly missing from most geography related undergrad and postgrad programmes. It’s almost anti-tech, yet is one of those skill areas I frequently find myself revisiting. Lectures on day one finished with an introduction to low altitude platforms and some of the recent applications before we focused on KAP and then introduced the kit itself. After lunch we headed out to Zandmotor, the beach area that my colleague Paron Paron is currently using KAP to trial monitoring.

Yet again I have managed to visit the Netherlands when there is virtually no wind! There was slightly more than last time so we managed to fly the kite, but I only had my smaller Sutton Flowform so no chance in flying the camera. Next time I will bring the lightweight rig and compact camera. The morning of day 2 saw a brief introduction to photogrammetry and then a practical using both a standard vertical air photo set and a KAP photo set performing aero-triangulation in LPS.

All in all a very good two days and Delft is a very pretty location.

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