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Monday, January 17, 2011 at 09:12:56

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s a list of other apps I’ve installed on Android:

Quick Office: free version fine for opening and editing office documents
K9 Mail: open-source email client based upon upon the stock Mail application. Very good for handling large volumes of emails and highly configurable. Comes and goes from MarketPlace so check out its homeapge
Thinking Space: fantastic mind mapping app. Really well designed and delivered and fully compatible with FreeMind files
BBC News (Slackersoft): great for catching up on latest BBC headlines
Google Reader: surprisingly good RSS reader. OK, you need a Google account, but stays fully synced. Just works.
Repligo: I’ve been a long-time Repligo user having installed it on Palm. It is a very efficient PDF reader: if you work with PDFs alot then its worth paying for.
Ted (Text Editor): nice simple text editor that is simple and works well. Used for writing blogs etc.
AndFTP: good FTP client. Fast, simple to use; does the job
MortPlayer: still in beta, but a simple mp3 player. If, like me, you store albums in directories then this works well
Vital Player: media player
BBC Weather: simple weather display
Ghost Commander: emulates Norton’s Commander and amazingly efficient use of screen space. Good for navigating around filesystems, but also supports FTP and SAMBA (with the extra plugin).
Real Calc: scientific calcualtor
TV Guide: get your current channel listings. Lists can be filtered for specific channels, although it would be nice to have default lsits (e.g. Freeview terrestrial)
Tide Prediction: tide tables. Useful if you need them on an occasional basis
Barcode Scanner: scan 1D and 2D (QRCode) barcodes
Beeb Player: play iPlayer content. You’ll need to Google this as only the APK is available

Some other apps I use less regularly:

SuperMySQL: connect and manipulate a MySQL db
WiFiFoFum: wifi scanner
wikidroid: wikipedia client
FixMyStreet: FixMyStreet client allowing you to quickly and easily submit reports to the site
Hi-Q mp3: audio recorder that encodes direct to mp3
Mocha VNC: VNC client

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