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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 13:40:24

Anyone with a touchscreen smartphone will know the pain of pecking away at the screen trying to written a txt message or email. To be fair, some people seem much quicker at this than others but any method of text entry that speeds things up is to be welcomed. I hate predictive txt… always seems to get it wrong. So what else?? Well Swype have just released a beta trial of their innovative keyboard for Android and it is truly amazing. You swipe your hand over the letters in the word and with some clever (and fast) processing and automatically enters it. And it works remarkably well, is fast and surprisingly accurate. Whilst the temptation might be to slow down and be more accurate, actually it pays to go faster and be less accurate. And it really is much quicker than pecking away at an on-screen keyboard. Well worth a try.

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