Palm webOS

Friday, January 9, 2009 at 14:08:10

Palm appear to have been wowing the crowds at CES this year with no sign of the downturn at all! Before Christmas Palm announced that an invitation only event, which was hotly thought to be an announcement about their new operating system. And that is exactly what was announced, along with a new smartphone the Pre. PCPro have a nice article on the announcement and even think its the top story of the show. The piece de resistance would have been to make a new phone immediately available, but thats not the case with “first half 2009” the only indication. And thats for the US. However it will be a GSM phone with tilt sensor, GPS, 3G and wifi, touch interface and, hopefully, the ability to run Palm apps (although it wasn’t mentioned). No sign (or likelihood) of a PDA version; I suspect that form factor is now dead. Phones are what people want and the level of integration is now worthwhile. Roll on full product release.

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