Firefox 2

Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 00:00:00

I’ve held off upgrading to Firefox 2 for a while now simply due to lack of time and the availability of Portable Firefox. Well both have coincided so I made the jump and very well worthwhile it has been too. Nothing is staggeringly different, but the interface is fresher (I’m using the QuBranch theme) and the slightly buggy memory leaks less of a problem. The nice additions (for me) are the spell checker (very useful for blogging) and session restore. The latter reloads any open pages from your last browsing session. Searching is supposedly easier with “suggestions” made by the search engines; I find this intensely irritating and there is no menu option for turning it off. This can only be achieved in the “about: config” page (accessed by typing this in the menu bar) which gives you access to loads of “hidden” Firefox settings. Extensions are now called Add-Ons (why?!), an anti-phishing filter is added (I’ve turned it off) and RSS feeds are handled better (although I use Sage). So all in all a well worthwhile download.

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