Mobile Phones

Monday, March 27, 2006 at 12:12:40

I thought I would write a short blog about my mobile phone. Sounds a bit sad really, but, much like your desk, your phone says alot about you! Unlike most of the population in the UK, I have not really found mobiles to be particularly exciting: they make phone calls. OK, if you like your Crackberry then they can do more than that, but if Im not at my PC then I dont want to “do” email. Ringtones: sad. Games: pathetic. Pictures: take a proper camera. So what do I use?? Well its a Motorola T180 (right). It was bottom of the range in 2001!!! I’ve had one replacement battery, which lasts all week on one charge, and nothing else. Its been accidently catapulted across the room countless times and still works fine. Does everything I want and keeps on working.

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