Blackboard Content Management System

Monday, March 6, 2006 at 13:42:14

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I upload my entire learning materials for a module as a “packaged” ZIP file in to Blackboard. This, for me, is the best (flexible) scenario for managing my learning materials. Well, Bb have realised that their current system is, well, not great and when institutions archive material and copy across the previous years module to the following year, there are enormous space implications. Hence the arrival of the Blackboard Content Management System. Which is essentially a users’ own little portion of hard disk space that they can do with as they choose. The nice feature for instructors is that you can link entire modules to specific directories/files, rather than having to upload them individually or as package files. And the CMS is WebDAV enabled meaning that you can drag and drop files to upload them. This combines a great deal of robustness and flexibility. Which for me means that I still create and HTML index page to all my materials, but these are now fully located within the CMS. And of course if you have to edit the index page and upload one file, its easy to do. So thumbs up from me for the moment.

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