Crowd georeferencing at the British Library

A really nice georeferencing project over at the British Library that has been going on since 2011!! Scanned by Microsoft, the >3000 maps are available for the public to georeference so they can be overlaid with modern mapping. Thoroughly worthwhile project and a slick interface - watch the 57s video, log in, get going!

Studio of Objects: What is Paolozzi?

Quick link to a press release for a project I’m involved in….. should be very interesting to laser scan a studio. And its as much about the use of technology, as innovative ways of engaging wider audiences. There is a very strong art history link, but linking to education and engagement. Lots of scope for some creative work!!!

QGIS Chugiak Released

Just a brief note that QGIS Chugiak has been released. For those that haven’t used QGIS recently it is highly capable and becoming increasingly user friendly. Well well well worth further exploration. Also worth noting that by default it is a portable app - simply copy the QGIS folder on to your USB stick and run it directly from there! How cool is that?!

Britain’ Mapmakers

Nice blog on Major General William Roy over at the OS - and a really great link to a free e-book on Map-makers to Britain since 1791.