Everyone’s at it!!


Nice pickup by GoGeo on free SPOT VEGETATION data with the impending end of the product. Comparable with AVHRR and worth a punt if you need wide coverage

iPhone 5s Head-to-head

What a stunning review…… there can be only one…..

European Space Agency Earth Images

Some cracking ESA images over at DPReview - take a look!

Homemade drones…..

Nice video over at the BBC on a drone enthusiast and some great aerial videos.


OS Postcode Viewer

Nice link over at the OS blog on a postcode viewer developed in Processing. Worth a glance!

Journal of Maps Most Read

Just wanted to flag the Journal of Maps Most Read Articles - its a good way to see what has been trending and maybe take a peak at some of the articles. Our top article (at over 2000 downloads) is The Spanish population during the twentieth century and beyond which was our “Best Map” of 2012. This is currently a “free view” as it was released under our “Editor’s Choice”.

FREE EPRINT: Bibliographic webmap: the Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland

This one passed me by in the depths of my inbox…..for the first 50 people interested, my paper Bibliographic webmap: the Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland has 50 FREE E-PRINTS. Please click on the link and download your copy.

Live London Buses

The Live London Bus Tracker is just too cool to pass up - pick your route and be mesmerised by the buses passes to-and-fro. Want to get on an old Routemaster? Look up route 15 (amongst others) - OK, they’re not all Routemasters but its fantastic to be able to see where the buses actually are!! There are train and tube trackers around, but this for me is a winner!

Back after the hiatus…..

Long summer and very busy start to the term…..but back with some posts!